Medicare: Official Website

This is the official government site for Medicare. This site includes everything you need to know in terms of Medicare coverage, your drug plan, or costs you may accrue when Medicare is used.

MediCal: Official Website

This is California’s website for Medi-Cal. On this website, you can see the requirements for qualification for MediCal, start an application, confirm benefits and access information on the Medi-Cal program.

Aging Parents & Elder Care

This website is a great resource to use when wanting to access information regarding many different topics associated with elder care. The website was designed to help educate people and provide information that can assist in overcoming some of the challenges faced when needing elder care.

Kern County aging and adult services.

Aging and adult services provide community-based services to seniors and their family members.

Medicaid: Official Website

This government website includes information about how to apply for Medicaid, and federal policy and program information.

PBS SoCal: Important Legal Documents

This website includes a basic introduction to the important legal documents involved in caring for an elder.

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